13 Innovative Health & Wellness Ideas for Boosting Office Morale

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace

People spend up to 80,000 hours at work over the course of their life – a long time to be clock-watching, particularly when you consider the financial effects disengaged employees can have on a company’s bottom line.

One study found that happy employees can be up to 20% more productive, and in particular happy salespeople, who’ve been linked to a whopping 37% increase in sales. So how can you keep staff happy, healthy, engaged and focused to reproduce these kinds of results in your own workplace?

Simple. Invest in employee wellbeing, which has potential to produce a $5.81 saving for every $1 invested, according to the Workplace Health Association of Australia.

Here are 13 of our favourite health and wellness ideas cracking smiles across the country in 2019.

1. Bring the Outside In

The benefits of office plants are now widely reported to include improved sleep, better air quality and increased productivity, with one study finding office plants capable of reducing stress levels by as much as 60%.

Whether it’s the psychologically calming effects of the colour green, or plants’ ability to reduce noise levels by absorbing sound, the modern office is now incomplete without these leafy green, chemical-removing, carbon dioxide suckers.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace indoor plantscorporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace indoor plants

Thanks to corporate indoor plant specialists like Plants at Work, you don’t have to know your Peace Lily from your Devil’s Ivy to pull off a thriving Green Wall.

With nearly 100 years’ experience in offices throughout Australia, these guys are the go-to Greenies for modern planters and customised indoor plant solutions.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace indoor plantscorporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace indoor plants

Their 3-step process is simple…

1) A Plant Guru visits your office to check natural lighting levels and evaluate the style of your space.

2) They decide on the most suitable plants for your office and send an installation team to complete the fit-out, making as little impact as possible on your day-to-day operations.

3) They maintain your installation with weekly or bi-weekly interior plant care packages involving trained technicians who make scheduled visits to water, prune, clean and feed your plants to keep them in prime condition.

Get started by booking a Design Consultation or view the full Plants at Work Gallery for more greenspiration.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace indoor plantscorporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace indoor plants


2. Befriend a Therapy Dog

It may seem farfetched (pun intended), but having an office dog could actually be a life-saving workplace initiative, thanks to four-legged friends’ ability to reduce stress-related illness like heart disease and diabetes.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace therapy dogs

As amazing as it would be for everyone to bring their pooch to work, this can pose some logistical, territorial and insurance challenges, but fortunately there’s a safe and simple alternative.

Introducing the Paws the Pressure Program, where fully certified volunteers and their temperament-tested canines visit your workplace to alleviate stress, encourage team bonding and create a new point of conversation around a positive discussion topic – adorable doggos.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace therapy dogscorporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace therapy dogs

Therapy dog visits are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and some regional centres, and can be tailored to coincide with:

  • A period of organisational change
  • A team building exercise
  • An employee wellbeing day or other workplace event
  • Mental health awareness events

The program also contributes to your company’s corporate social responsibility, with proceeds from visits supporting therapy dog programs in hospitals, aged care facilities, mental health units, palliative care, disability services, prisons and schools, impacting the lives of more than 20,000 vulnerable Australians every week.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace therapy dogs

Check out the FAQs for more info on the scientifically proven benefits of dog therapy and register your business for Paws the Pressure.


3. Exercise (Without Getting Sweaty)

There are few fitness trends that have lasted as long as yoga – around 5,000 years, to be exact. But it’s more than just the physical benefits of the ancient practice that yogis are drawn to, with meditation and pranayama (breathwork) making it ideal for busy, stressed, modern-day professionals.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace yoga stretch sessions

Corporate Yoga Australia make it easy for office workers to reap the benefits of yoga without even leaving the workplace, thanks to Lunchbox Stretch & Revive sessions. If you’re in Australian or NZ capital cities (some regional towns too!) you can engage a qualified yoga teacher to come to your office to conduct 30 or 45 minute classes with gentle movements and breathwork to relieve tension, promote relaxation and boost morale through mindfulness.

These low-intensity, sweat-free sessions mean staff can stay in their uniforms and make the most of lunch breaks away from their desks, allowing them to return for the afternoon feeling re-energised and focused.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace yoga stretch sessions

A yoga instructor works with you to create a suitable space in your office and provides support along the way with regular emails and staff feedback forms to keep employees engaged.

Classes can vary from energising vinyasa to relaxing meditative classes, and you can choose a dedicated teacher, or sample a selection of instructors to find the best fit for your workplace.

For more info contact Corporate Yoga Australia and mention “CompuClean” to claim a 20% discount until December 31.

Corporate Yoga Australia CompuClient Client Offer

4. Schedule an Ergonomic Office Sweep

As the name suggests, The Ergonomic Physio team sweep through your office performing assessments on employees’ workstations to eliminate ergonomic risks and improve the safety, health and productivity of your staff.

Ergonomic Sweeps are a proactive approach to workplace health and commonly scheduled after workplace modifications such as re-fits or office relocations, or as a general preventative tool for improving staff wellness.

A Sweep includes a brief 10-15 minute ergonomic assessment of every workstation in your office, conducted by a qualified Physiotherapist who specialises in occupational health and workplace injury prevention.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace ergonomics assessments

After performing their assessment, the Physiotherapist makes appropriate changes to employees’ workstations and prepares a report outlining any further recommendations for employees assessed to ensure your team has the support they need to perform at their peak.

If your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane office is interested in scheduling an Ergonomic Sweep, complete the online quote form or call (03) 9088 2003. Individual assessments for injured employees also available.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace ergonomics assessments

5. Let There Be Snacks! (Not Just a Fruit Bowl)

Keeping employees fuelled with the right food can be the difference between missed deadlines and delivering quality work ahead of schedule. Convenience is key when it comes to office snacks, but more often than not, convenience comes in the form of sugary pick-me-ups dispensed from a junk-food-filled vending machine.

Well, that was until Snackwize challenged the “snacking quo”…

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace healthy snack boxescorporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace healthy snack boxes

Snackwize provide nutritious and convenient alternatives to sugary vending machines with their healthy snack boxes designed to boost office productivity. Their Australia and NZ-wide subscription service delivers delicious snacks straight to your workplace every month, tailor-made to your office size and preferences.

Every box includes a variety of healthy snacks to cater for all dietary requirements, including Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO options.

Request a sample box for your office and experience the constantly evolving curated mix of the tastiest, healthiest and most innovative all-natural snacks on the market, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

6. Use Software to Track Employee Health Data

Aussie technology and wellbeing business WorkScore has developed software that helps companies discover how the working environment impacts their employees’ health and provides insights into creating happier, healthier, more productive workplaces.

Using WorkScore’s simple 6-minute survey, an employee can instantly receive a score that measures their wellbeing against 5 key elements: work, body, fuel, fitness and mindset.

They can then anonymously compare their score to employees across the globe and access daily tips and personalised content in the WellHub (an easy-to-use platform helping employees improve wellbeing with guidance across the five key elements).

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace employee health tracking software

WorkScore surveys are designed using the latest health, medical and social research from bodies like The World Health Organisation and each question has been extensively researched to ensure it represents a measurable element of either physical, mental or social wellbeing.

Using the principles of the robust Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, a higher WorkScore reflects holistically healthier staff who are more productive, have lower absenteeism and presenteeism, and overall, are working to their greatest potential. A lower WorkScore reflects holistically less healthy workers who are less productive, have higher absenteeism and presenteeism, and overall, are not working to their greatest potential.

Visit the WorkScore website to learn more about how real-time, unfiltered feedback can help your company boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and encourage a culture of healthy habits.

7. Cook, Laugh, Learn… Eat!

Cooking is a skill for life which presents a unique set of challenges and triumphs that directly translate to those found in business. Running a cooking event for your next team building day is a novel, entertaining and high-energy option to spice things up (quite literally, depending on your preferences).

Amazing Team Building Cooking Themes cater for just about any brief, whether it’s a full-day fine dining event, a Spanish paella extravaganza or a more relaxed cocktail soirée – all cooking activities get your whole team involved and working together to build on important areas that translate to positive professional attributes and improved office morale.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace cooking classes

As part of the experience you receive…

  • a professional cooking host to run the event at one of their partner facilities
  • a hands-on cooking experience suitable for all levels
  • use of all equipment and utensils
  • the freshest quality food and ingredients
  • a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy at the end
  • your choice of cuisine and cooking theme
  • digital copies of recipes for staff to recreate the meals at home

While Cooking Themes cater to Melbourne offices, Awesome Team Building offer a variety of other morale-boosting events like Park Picnics, Wine Tours, Drumming Workshops and Adventure Quests available in all capital cities.

For a customised quote contact the Amazing Team Building Corporate Concierge.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace cooking classes

8. Get Pedalling

Cooking’s not for everyone, but everyone loves a smoothie! Bike n’ Blend combine the ultimate wellness trifecta of fitness, fun and fruit to produce some mouth-watering results. Their award-winning pedal-powered “Blender Bikes” are great for any workplace function, or just-for-fun Friday arvo wind down, minus the wine.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace bike blenders

Catering for workplaces of any size in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane, you can choose from:

  1. Just Blender Bikes
  2. Blender Bikes with smoothie ingredients and cups
  3. Blender Bikes, smoothies and energetic staff to run your event

Enquire online or call on 0481 315 956 to check Blender Bike availability and receive a personalised quote for your next workplace wellness event.


9. Call in the Angels

From reduced muscle tension and improved circulation, to stimulation of the lymphatic system and a reduction in stress hormones; the benefits of massage are numerous.

Since 2002, 3 Minute Angels have delivered more than 5 million massages to thousands of workplaces using their signature Halo Massage to revitalise staff by targeting areas of the neck and shoulders prone to fatigue, tension and soreness.

The 3 minute seated massages release natural feel-good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate staff for improved focus and productivity.

Angels can be booked at an hourly rate of $88 and aim to achieve eight Halo Massages per hour, no special equipment required. For a free quote get in touch or call  1300 662 022.


10. Get Financially Savvy

More than 32,000 Australians went bankrupt in 2017 and four out of five credit card holders rely on plastic to pay for day-to-day essentials like groceries and bills. Sound stressful? You bet.

Research shows 2.44 million Australians suffer from financial stress, which can lead to anti-social behaviour, relationship breakdowns, isolation, sleep deprivation and depression… ultimately costing Australian businesses an estimated $31.1 billon per year in lost revenue.

While there are a bunch of reputable independent corporate financial wellness programs in Australia designed to help employers improve the financial wellbeing of staff, it’s important to perform thorough background checks on a company’s financial credentials and client testimonials before engaging a provider.

Check out these six hot tips from HR publication Workforce on running a successful financial wellness initiative to relieve employees from everyday money stressors.



11. Join the Height Adjustable Desk Club

Obesity, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer… Who needs ’em?! If you could make a simple change to your workplace to reduce the nasty side effects of prolonged sitting, would you?

Now imagine if you could do this without having your team step away from their workstation to take physical breaks, allowing them to maintain office productivity while improving mood and energy levels.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace standup desks

Zen Space Desks are on a mission to do just that: change the way you work and spend time at your desk to make you happier, healthier, fitter and more comfortable. The Brisbane-based manufacturer is using electronic height adjustable desks and accessories to combat the all too common “dormant butt syndrome” (a result of underused glutes and thighs).

While they can’t promise buns of steel, they can guarantee a wide range of standup desks, easy installation, a 5-year warranty and $50 OFF for CompuClean readers who mention “Healthy Office” when ordering.

Contact Zen Space Desks to arrange a demonstration at their QLD, NSW or VIC locations and take a positive step towards boosting office morale.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace standup desks

12. Book a CleanCare Service

There’s nothing more morale-busting than getting sick at work, and last year there were plenty of sickies! In 2017, Australia recorded one of the worst flu seasons ever with 2 1/2 times more cases than the year before. And it’s an expensive exercise, with absenteeism draining an estimated $34.1 billion from the economy annually.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace compuclean cleancare service

The sickening thing is, there are up to 10 million bacteria found on the average desk surface, including e.coli, coliform bacteria (associated with faecal matter), staphylococcus aureus, enterobacteria, MSSA, Hepatitis and Influenza, which can cause skin infections, gastro problems and a whooooole lotta sick days.

CompuClean is the only Australian company with proprietary cleaning systems that remove 99.9% of sickness-causing bacteria and viruses that regular office cleaning just can’t kill.

Our patented anti-bacterial products and professional cleaning procedures not only reduce the risk of cross-contamination that cause sickies, but they can also prolong the life of your ICT equipment and position your company as an employer of choice.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace compuclean cleancare service

Learn more about your filthy desk and its dirty germ secrets and book a complimentary office equipment health check to identify and remove potentially harmful bacteria and contaminants present on your office ICT equipment to keep staff morale high, and workplace absenteeism low.


13. Throw a Health & Wellness Party

With so many workplace health and wellbeing programs now competing for corporate dollars, it can be difficult to know which one will resonate most with your employees. The good news is you don’t have to commit to just one and hope for the best!

Health Expos are the hip new all-in-one wellness event allowing employees to sample multiple health products and services in one convenient “taster-day”.

If you’re looking to launch a wellness program, but unsure which services will be most engaging, or want to provide staff with an annual health and wellness day, Corporate Wellness Australia Health Expos are a great solution.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace health expos

Most expos have a minimum of 5 programs with some offering up to 15 wellness activities, depending on preferences and budget.

Corporate Wellness Services range from:

  • Seated massages
  • Posture Analysis
  • Health Seminars
  • Reflexology
  • Iridology
  • Podiatry
  • Fit ball demonstrations
  • Boxing classes
  • Workplace mindfulness workshops
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Fitness assessments
  • Medical assessments
  • Self Defence demonstrations
  • Juice bars

Book a consultation with a Wellness Consultant to discuss your company’s needs and start planning an expo the whole team can get involved with.

corporate health and wellness initiatives in the workplace health expos


What’s your favourite workplace wellness initiative?

Does your workplace run an innovative health and wellness activity producing excellent results? Or maybe your company offers corporate wellness services that our clients may be interested in. We’d love to hear about it over on the CompuClean Facebook page.

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