Your Filthy Desk and its Dirty Germ Secrets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Request a FREE Office Equipment Health Check

Disturbed by what you’ve just read? We don’t blame you. Join a growing number of Australian businesses taking workplace hygiene seriously and request a free Office Equipment Health Check.

CompuClean’s Office Equipment Health Checks use the same test HACCP use when validating surface hygiene in food service areas and restaurants throughout Australia. This approved testing procedure can quickly determine whether you have harmful bacteria present on your office equipment.

If your equipment gets a pass, fantastic! We’ll leave you with free antibacterial hand wipes to maintain your workplace hygiene. If however your test returns a positive result showing evidence of harmful bacteria, we’ll perform a deep clean and then retest your computer and workstation to show you how complete our CleanCare service is.

Click here to book your complimentary Office Equipment Health Check and keep your office and IT equipment performing at optimal levels.

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Apr 3, 2018 | Posted by in Blog, Computer Cleaning Tips, Office Health | Comments Off on Your Filthy Desk and its Dirty Germ Secrets [INFOGRAPHIC]
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