Why should I clean my computer?

Your business equipment will collect dirt, toner, dust, food, fibre and molecules, and as equipment is used by different staff and members of the public it will pose a significant cross infection risks from transferable bacteria.

Our detailed technical cleaning program removes all contaminants and bacteria, wear and tear evidence, improves performance by using our unique service process and patented Anti-static surfactant cleaning treatment.

What types of equipment do you clean?

Compuclean services the following items:

  • Computer Screens
  • Electronic Whiteboards
  • Laptops, tablets
  • Servers and Terminals
  • Keyboards
  • Mice & Pads
  • Telephones
  • ATM Machines
  • Laser Printers
  • Photocopiers

What cleaning products do you use?

  • Our cleaning products are a non harmful anti bacterial/degreaser solution that provides anti static protection to your sensitive equipment.

What times do you clean?

We can clean day or night – 24/7 at a time that best suits your team’s needs.

What do you do when you clean a laser printer?

  • We clean the external casing removing grime, ink marks and residual glue.
  • We remove toner and paper dust from inside the printer using specialised vacuums and techniques.
  • WE remove dust from all air vents.
  • Our preventative printer maintenance services will ensure maximum “uptime” for your fleet of paper-fed equipment.
  • Our printer maintenance services will also ensure less mechanical breakdown and superior print quality.

Why choose Compuclean?

Compuclean has been trusted to provide ICT Office equipment cleaning services to small and large organisations for almost 20 years.

Since being established 1996, we have become the market leader in preventative “Cleancare” services to Office computers, Servers, Keyboards, Computer screens, Telephones, Laser Printers, Photocopiers and general office equipment.

We operate in all Australian States and our staff-training places emphasis on our operator service skills, service consistency, customer care, personal appearance and attention to detail.

You can be sure you are entrusting your facility, equipment and services to safe, experienced hands.

Don’t believe us – see what our clients say – see our impressive list of Testimonials

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