[INFOGRAPHIC] What Your Desk Setup Says About You

what your desk setup says about you.infographic

Are you a Zen Zoe or a Dog Dad Dan? This light-hearted infographic helps work colleagues identify the different personalities that co-exist in the office based on their workstation setup, and provides helpful tips on how to work with each personality to achieve the best results.

If there’s a Germaphobe Joe in your office, surprise them with a free antibacterial clean of their entire workstation! If your office meets the criteria, we’ll send out one of our professional ICT cleaning technicians to perform a swab test of their workstation and office accessories (like keyboard and phone) to test for potentially harmful bacteria.

If the test returns a positive result for undesirable bacteria, we’ll use our patented antibacterial products to treat their entire workstation, ensuring your colleague’s computer accessories remain fit for a fastidious germophobe – and they don’t contribute to the crippling physical and financial cost of workplace sickies!

Request a free swab test and antibacterial treatment for you or a colleague today.

what your desk setup says about you infographic

Infographic Source: Fundera

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