A Case Study of Germs in Schools: The Rapid Transmission Between Students

germs in schools case study - coronavirus


In 2007, contaminated computer equipment infected more than 100 students and staff at a Washington D.C. school with the highly contagious Norovirus, causing an outbreak of vomiting and diarrhoea.

Former NASA & Apple Engineer, Mark Rober, performed a day-long experiment in a third-grade classroom using a powder called Glo Germ (see video above) to help demonstrate how this rapid transmission in schools can occur. 

School desks can also become contaminated, with the average desk containing 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat – unsurprising, given 1 in 5 Australians have admitted to not always washing their hands after using the toilet. 

Classroom desks & computer accessories are breeding grounds for germs, which now – more than ever – need to be adequately sanitised to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination during the Covid-19 crisis & impending flu season.  

CompuClean Can Help

CompuClean has been sanitising information & communications technology (ICT) & office equipment in corporate environments and universities for over 20 years, helping keep staff & students safe while prolonging the life of expensive technical inventory. 

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began, we’ve been inundated by enquiries from schools wanting to establish sanitisation schedules for their students’ laptops, classrooms & ICT equipment. 

As a result, CompuClean has launched a new dedicated School Sanitisation Team designed to disinfect germ hot spots on ICT equipment such as computers, keyboards, mice & laptops that can spread viral infections amongst staff & students at frightening speeds if left untreated. 

Trust Specialists, Not Generalists

This highly trained and Working With Children cleared team has already been deployed to schools around Sydney to treat computer accessories with our patented antibacterial chemicals and procedures that kill 99.99% of bacteria – a task requiring technical expertise that general classroom cleaners are simply not qualified or equipped for. 

Extraordinary Times, Additional Measures

Principals across Australia are doing everything they can right now to keep their communities safe during this extraordinary time, and CompuClean is fast becoming a vital supplier in the fight against Covid-19. Get in touch to request a free demonstration and discover the benefits of implementing a technical sanitisation schedule at your school. 

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