CompuClean’s March B1G1 Giving Impact Tally

B1G1 Giving Impacts CompuClean

To date, CompuClean has helped educate 204 children in Tanzania on safer water, sanitation & hygiene practices with the help of our partners at B1G1.

The MSABI-led program covers 7 modules implemented over a 6-week classroom course and is specially facilitated by MSABI staff, 2 trained teachers and a school committee of 10 carefully selected students.

msabi tanzania hand washing hygiene course b1g1 giving impacts compuclean

School education with MSABI using cooking oil and coffee to represent bacteria. Water alone will not do… you need the soap! Washing your hands with soap has shown to reduce rates of diarrhoea by 1/3rd.

Classes are delivered in a fun and interactive environment through activities, games and drama performances that help spread vital messages about washing hands with soap, accessing safe water, recognising diseases and safe sanitation.

Thank you for helping reduce incidences of health issues in disadvantaged rural Tanzanian communities by up to 30% just by choosing CompuClean 💙

Learn more about our B1G1 Impacts.

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