CompuClean: Proud Member of the B1G1 Business for Good Community

What it means to be a Business for Good…

CompuClean is a proud member of the B1G1​ community: the leading business-giving movement with more than 230 million ‘Impacts’ bringing purpose and meaning to business through giving.

With more than 10 years experience facilitating innovative, high-impact Projects across the globe, B1G1 helps CompuClean and our clients make a difference too.

Whenever you book a Technical Cleaning Service through CompuClean, you help make life-changing contributions to the following causes…

  • Providing computer education to disadvantaged children in India, helping them escape the cycle of poverty and reduce the rich-poor divide. Learn more.

B1G1 Projects CompuClean

  • Providing special sanitation and hygiene education programs to children in Tanzania to reinforce positive hand washing habits and reduce incidences of health issues by up to 30%. Learn more.

B1G1 Projects CompuClean 2

  • Providing rural families in Cambodia with access to solar kits, allowing them to operate their small businesses during the evening hours, improve their children’s literacy rates as they continue reading after dark, and reduce local air pollution caused by kerosene lamps. Learn more.

B1G1 Projects CompuClean 3

Every CompuClean Service = Giving Impacts

Enquire about our Technical Cleaning Services below and we’ll be in touch with a customised quote for your workplace. Following your service, your company will receive a Gratitude Certificate to display proudly in your office outlining of the Impacts resulting from your service.

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Are you a Business for Good?

If you’re a big-hearted business, you can make a difference too. Join the B1G1 community using our referral code to receive instant account credits that can be donated to a cause of your choice: BM10644

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